Cannes Lions wine bottle design

To celebrate 10 years of Cannes Lions Romania, people will be presented with a wine rack display made in collaboration with artist Ioana Halunga. 

Each wine bottle becomes more than a simple memorabilia: for Romania, it speaks about a never-ending journey. For receivers, it speaks about being united through creativity.

Each bottle in a rack of 2000, containing the authentic taste of Romanian wine, will be a piece of the bigger picture drawn by Ioana. As such, every person can live the story of these 10 years of Cannes Lions Romania through an alchemic experience that transforms local creativity into a global one. How? Simple: when someone takes home a bottle, work that was viewed entirely local gets the chance to reach the entire world.

The wine labels are unglued, attached by a ribbon, so that each visitor, after consuming the wine, can keep the bottle all nude. This is to allow the focus on the creative piece on it when putting the bottle on a support.