Listening to music via headphones whilst cycling is not only dangerous, but prohibited by law. Regardless, people often tend to ignore this.

Cyclists may be willing to pay a fine and still get to listen to their Spotify playlist whilst cycling, but keeping them safe is not negotiable.

Securite Routiere would partner up with Spotify to make the mobile app safer for cyclists. Whilst cycling, users would get two options - either play mono, or lower in volume.


As Spotify notices you are riding a bike and listening to music at the same time, a voice alert will tell you to stop and make a choice for a safer ride. Spotify will remind cyclist that by using their headphones they are breaking the law. If they are willing to continue doing so, the app would propose them to ride while listening in mono, or at a lower volume. 


Prevention is always best for avoiding road accidents. Even though we fell like we know it all, some little help for reminding us what’s best is always welcome.

One of the many causes of road accidents is fatigue, or not adapting to the weather conditions.

Prepare your route with the Sécurité Routière bot. A fast way to find out if the weather is going to change, or where is the best spot you should stop for a pause.