Philips Avent

Future Passions Collection

For Central and Eastern Europe innovation was not enough to make mothers put the Philips Natural Baby Bottles first on the list when it came to feeding bottles. Instead, they were choosing brands that seemed more playful and childish.


This is why we decided to make a little and fast to implement tweak to our baby bottles. As Philips Avent was preparing 1+1 free packages to be releasedinto the stores, we made one of the two bottles special.


We introduced Philips Avent – Future Passion Collection, an online platform where mothers could vote their little one’s dream passion. At the end of the voting process, Philips would pick the most voted passions and print them on their baby bottles.


Mothers all over Central and Eastern Europe loved this. Hundred thousands of votes were registered and the newly printed baby bottles became a hit. For me, it was a victory – changing the perception mothers have about Philips Avent from “stiff but innovative” to “playful and innovative”.