The famous french soda, Orangina has had plenty of forms throughout its history - from different kind of glass bottles, to plastic bottles or cans.

One thing has never changed though: its composition - orange juice and its pulp. And since there is pulp, you need to shake it. And yes, even the new 33cl cans are best served when shaken.

Whilst daydreaming I came up with 3 ways this won’t be a problem.

Shaking Orangina before serving is part of the french pop-culture. So you can actually say that shaking is a true serving ritual for this soda. So let’s not spoil this very important, meaningful moment.

Idea: Let nothing spoil the fun of shaking the can!
Regular vending machines let your soda drop from the rack into the dispenser, not only shaking the can but sometimes even damaging it. The Orangina vending machine would be the exact opposite - carefully putting the Orangina can into the dispenser, without shaking or turning it. All this effort so the fun behind shaking the can won’t be spoiled, so you would take full advantage.

Orangina is best served shaked, but when it comes in the 33cl can, people often forget to do it.

Idea: Ad a nasty and funny gizmo on the bottom of the can to celebrate the 4th of October (the World Animal Day)
Use funny animal onomatopoeia that are triggered once the can is turned. And guess what, once the can gets turned upside down, all the pulp gets mixed.

Sometimes, for the same problem, even easier to implement solutions are required.

Idea: There is a message for you on the bottom of the can.
Because there’s no tweak more simple than a message written on a packaging, having one that is smartly placed, would address the problem of shaking the can. As Orangina is a really fun brand, it will provoke you to shake things up in your life - there’s one trick, though: the message is written on the bottom of the package.