10 years of endorsement for Cannes Lions in Romania. 10 years of The Alternative School for Creative Thinking. Over 11,000 delegates each year. ONE app to connect them all in every way possible: from business meetings, collaborations, jobs, friendships and even other kinds of relationships. Briefly: ONE app to add to list of creative accomplishments that make Romania memorable.

There is already an app for that. Theoretically. It’s called Cannes Connect. Pretty obvious, right? And for anything else less formal about Cannes there are already LOADS of other apps for delegates to use. 
Add to that: shyness barrier, language barrier, what-ifs and anything else disruptive. What can we come up with that’s new or engaging?

Out with the complicated, in with simplicity. Out with uncertainties, in with definite answers. Out with apps for each type of connection you want to make, in with a virtual meeting square for anyone. Make your pick from any match and go into the real world and make a real connection. Meet canndy. Or, to be more precise, meet anyone you wish with canndy.