ASJA – reflexology cabinet

The challenge 
Promote Asja Gavrilescu Dupanovic’s reflexology practice in an environment where people who are familiarized with holistic arts are reluctant to “Western” communication strategies, while people not accustomed to alternative therapies tend to distrust them from the start. 

No matter the view upon alternative therapies, one cannot deny reflexology’s positive effects once experienced. 

Reflexology for mind and bodies 

Asja Gavrilescu Dupanovic’s reflexology practice is dedicated to a therapy that she herself describes as pure magic. As our objective was to bring more people into her practice using design and cyber as main tools, we decided to make each of these elements a transformative one through which people can fully experiment what reflexology means.

The website is dedicated to make every visitor feel welcomed and enter a meditative mood. The pre-loader for the site will invite people to just breathe, and will have a slightly longer time frame. After this, each person can explore the sections with relaxing sounds playing in the background.

The business cards contain papier d’armenie for people to burn and experience a pleasant, aromatherapy scent.

The envelopes are made with plantable paper, so that each letter gets to live on after being opened.

The tea-line, which Asja can distribute in partner stores, comes to sustain even more a relaxed and meditative view on the world.

Targeting people with an interest in alternative therapies, we place a special Reflexology Cup Sleeve in Asja’s partner stores that also serve tea. 

Based on the theory of hand reflexology, this cup-wearable device has the purpose of helping people feel the connection between their hand and their body. 

As the palm contains pressure points for the five top vital organs in our bodies (lungs, heart, liver, kidney, stomach), this cup sleeve is equipped with electronic sensors that pulsate upon touch. 

In this manner, each person can experience the effects of reflexology, through the simple act of drinking tea!