Make a statement regarding Romanian creativity during 10 years of The Alternative School for Creative Thinking and endorsement for Cannes Lions in Romania. Come up with a charming set of gifts to celebrate both Romanian design and the unique performances achieved during these first 10 years. 

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking challenges you to go further and push your limits and come up with pure creativity. And this is how we came up with the Made in Romania gift set, to give everyone a taste of the Romanian creative spirit. 

Inspiration Made in Romania - a deck of oracle cards made specially for those of us in the industry (everyone at some point!) who hit creative’s block and are in need of some inspiration. Luckily, the cards are made out of recycled briefs and successful presentations for clients, so it definitely has a good vibe. Then, if you’re in the “No Idea” zone, just pick a card and get some advice as to what to do to get things going. Follow whatever the challenge written and you will most probably get some ideas in the process, or at least have lots of fun while doing so.

Inspiration Made in Romania - Romanians are resourceful. Nonetheless, they are human and they sometimes suffer from creative block. This is why this deck of cards, made with care from recycled briefs and winning agency presentations, comes to the rescue of those who are stuck. No idea, no worries - there are lots of things you can do to get those creative grey cells working. Or at least have fun while trying.